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Coins Dojo intends to be a starting point for people trying to learn about cryptocurrency. A site were you will be able to get latest news, trends, but also learn something at the same time.

We want to provide information and knowledge about different cryptocurrencies but our main focus will be Cardano (₳ ADA). If you ask yourself why Cardano, then you probably don't know most welcoming and inclusive community in crypto space (not mentioning the tech).

Our team, Europe and US based, consists of developers (fintech, cloud, gaming), community / media manager, and digital artist. In the near future few new people will join us: web developer, game designer and 3d artist.

Well, "roadmap" that's a pretty strong word for what you can see below, but here we go:

  • Q4 2021
    • idea was born
  • Q1/Q2 2022
    • "base" team set-up
    • goals definition
    • brainstorming and research
  • Q3 2022
    • features and tools specification
    • proper roadmap and whitepaper
    • team expansion
    • initial development
  • Q4 2022
    • development cont.
    • mvp release (late Q4)
  • 2023
    • marketing and promotion
    • features and tools release

We want to build a place were people, outside of crypto space, can learn about cryptocurrencies, their use cases, utility and how crypto can make an impact on our future. We are also fascinated by Japan and Japanese culture. Choosing Dojo · 道場 (place of learning) was an obvious choice. Following this path we came to "Coins Dojo".


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